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Monthy Tuition fees and Policies

Tuition is due on or before the 25th of the preceding month.  A late fee of $35 will be applied on the 1st of each month. Multiple class and sibling discounts are available at our Front Office.

Enrollment is continuous enrollment. The student's enrollment is ongoing unless 30 days written drop notice

is provided to the Front Office. A family is responsible for tuition payments until the end of the 30-day notification period. 

If families opt out of our auto-pay, a $10 fee will be applied to monthly tuition.


Annual Membership Fee

          The Cubs - Preschool Gymnastics

Cubs ONE (Ages 3-4) :: $96 a month :: 50-minute class, once a week

Cubs TWO (Ages 5-6) :: $96 a month :: 50-minute, once a week

Advanced Cubs (Ages 3-6) :: Invite Only :: $96 a month :: 50-minute,

once a week

          The Brave Lions - Gymnastics

Lions ONE (Ages 7+) :: $96 a month ::  $96 a month :: 50-minute,

once a week

Lions TWO (Ages 7+) :: Invite Only :: $96 a month :: 50-minute,

once a week

Advanced Lions :: Invite Only :: $96 a month :: 50-minute, once a week

           The Fearless - Tumbling

Fearless ONE (Ages 6+) :: $96 a month ::  $96 a month :: 50-minute,

once a week

Fearless TWO (Ages 6+) :: $96 a month :: 50-minute, once a week

           The Pack – Competitive Gymnastics Team

Competitive teams are by invitation only. Tuition varies by team level. 


Due at the time of enrollment and every September 1st. Members will receive a 10% special event discounts. Enroll in second class, (gymnastics, dance or a combination) and receive a $5 off discount.


$40 annually


$70 annually


           Pre-school Dance

Creative Cubs::   (Ages 3-4) :: $76 a month :: 50-minutes class, once a week


           School-Age Dance

Cubs Combo::  (Ages 5–7) :: $76 a month :: 50-minutes class, once a week

Lion Combo::  (Ages 8+) :: $76 a month :: 50-minutes class, once a week

           Wild Rhythm Performance Team ::  :: Invite Only :: $106 a month:: 60-minutes, 2x week 

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